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Damage Survey - Botrans Ltd. carry out damage inspection for various types of road (trucks, trailers, cars etc.) and rail transport units (locomotives, railway wagons), Dry and Reefer containers. The final report supported with photographs of all ascertained defects, damages, repair works and a full set of technical documentation.

Site Survey - Inspection of various sites such as Terminals, Warehouses, Refineries and other constructions, including associated cargo handling equipment.

Inspection on behalf of Underwriters, P & I Associations - varying styles of inspection can be carried out by BOTRANS LTD for and on behalf of Insurance Underwriters, Protection & Indemnity Associations, Banks and Transport Clubs. These inspections can include, Pre-Shipment risk inspections, Collateral Management assessment, Damage survey, Pre-Entry Evaluation, infact any appraisal or survey to the Clients specific instructions.

Consultants & Assessors - BOTRANS LTD. manned with experienced professionals who have a wealth of knowledge on the local and International markets, ports/factory regulations, shipping and transport organisations, Ukrainian and International Maritime Law, are ready to assist our Clients in all aspects of transportation by sea or land conveyance.

Inland Warehouse / Silo Cargo Inspection - Under the instructions of Principals, BOTRANS has the capability of inspecting grains/seeds/pulses at inland warehouses or silo, checking the Warehouse Receipts, sighting the condition of storage, assessing the physical characteristics of the product and reporting.


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